Christian Book of the Year Delivers a Profound Message

December 20, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
 "The Prayer Promise of Christ" clears the path of confusion and misunderstanding regarding prayer. As we delve into the pages we find out why we pray and more importantly why we are not praying as we should. How do we know if we are not praying as we should? Our prayers go unanswered. This is a tough lesson because no one wants to admit that they are doing something incorrect but through Scripture we soon learn that our worldly wisdom is leading us down the wrong path. We must humble ourselves in order to receive divine wisdom.

Why is it important to pray in privacy? Why should we pray for others before we pray for ourselves? What is the difference between forgiveness and repentance? All of these questions are significant and all are addressed in "The Prayer Promise of Christ." The remarkable thing about this book is the author's ability to deliver such a profound message in a warm, personable voice. This book is easy to read and enjoyable but soon will inspire you to study further.

Edward's passion is best expressed in his own words - "I'm basically just a 'connect-the-dots' guy who hopes to help people know the Lord as He describes Himself in the Bible." He accomplishes that through his experience as a lay minister and avid student of the Bible. Instantly, you too begin to connect the dots and make a powerful discovery. With each passing page, it is virtually impossible not to reflect on your prayer life and relationship with the Lord. "The Prayer Promise of Christ" paints a vivid picture of the Lord's love for us and his desire to share with us if we would only approach with a humble, pure heart.

"The Prayer Promise of Christ" is a resource book that draws on the strength of the Bible for support and verification. This overwhelming topic is laid bare before us through the use of examples, personal insight and Scripture. The author makes no apologies for the oft times tough truth that is exposed within the pages of this book but these are truths that all Christians must hear, know and understand in order to truly experience "The Prayer Promise of Christ."

Author Edward Mrkvicka delivers again. If you have ever asked "why didn't the Lord answer my prayer?" and/or "Does He listen to me?" I highly recommend "The Prayer Promise of Christ."

This book was named Christian book of the year in October of 2010."

Reviewer: Steven Knight (PPS)
5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Religion/Prayer
171 Pages
Publisher: Tate Publishing Enterprises
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