Plastic Surgery Editor Predicts Phat Year for Fat in 2011

December 20, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The year 2011 will be all about fat, predicts Denise Mann, the editorial director of the Ceatus Cosmetic Surgery Group, online publisher of The Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery, All About Facial Rejuvenation and Breast Implants 4 You.

And we are not just talking about the war on obesity. We're talking about freezing fat, zapping fat, melting fat away, as well as vacuuming fat from places where it is plentiful (thighs, tummy and love handles) and re-injecting it into body parts where it is in short supply - namely the face, lips, breasts and buttocks. The new year will likely see an uptick in fat grafting to the breast, for example.

Fat will also help usher in the era of regenerative medicine, so expect to hear more about stem cells and stem cell facelifts in the coming year. Adult stem cells live in fatty tissue and are the building blocks for any and all of the cells in the human body. Researchers here and abroad are working on ways to isolate stem cells from your fat. The hope is that once injected, stem cells may become activated by internal growth factors and spur the growth of new blood vessels and collagen. The Cell Society is hosting its First Annual Clinical Meeting in La Jolla, CA, in February 2011, and the use of stem cell technology in plastic surgery is a big part of the group's lofty agenda.

In 2011 we will also hear more about freezing fat away with Zeltiq, zapping it with Zerona and eliminating it with other non-invasive body contouring technologies such as Liposonix. Lipodissolve, an experimental "fat-melting" technology, may also carve out a niche for itself in removing small pockets of fat such as the double chin.

Breast Augmentation Crystal Ball

While fat will garner the lion's share of headlines in 2011, expect to see and hear a lot more about 3-D imaging technologies. More surgeons will be investing in pricey 3-D systems such as the Vectra, which can help eliminate a lot of the guesswork involved in predicting plastic surgery results and allow you to see how your new nose or breasts will look before your surgery.

Bridalplasty Backlash

A new reality show that pits brides-to-be against each other to compete for plastic surgery procedures will continue to galvanize critics. The brides' wish lists are virtual registries of plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction and rhinoplasty that they would like to undergo before their big day. If this show is picked up for a second season, expect backlash from board-certified plastic surgeons and plastic surgery associations who will call attention to the risks of multiple procedures performed at the same time and the sometimes grueling recovery process that is often glossed over by such shows.

More Injectables Will Come to Market

Next year will also witness a race among manufacturers of several new injectables to get their products approved. It is unclear which will be first to the finish line, but Belotero and Prevelle Lift, a sister product to Prevelle Silk, are poised for approval. Also expect to see a few more Botox rivals, including a topical form of the popular wrinkle relaxer, in 2011.

Check out our up-to-date coverage all year to see if we got it right!

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