Property Platform floods Singapore's streets with Striking and Creative Advertisements

December 21, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Singapore December 21, 2010 Propmatch is on its way to becoming a household name among Singapore property hunters as well as creative advertisers., Singapore's newest property portal, rolled out its outdoor advertisement campaign last month, coinciding with the official launch of their website.

In order to capture permanent mindshare, decided to combine eye-catching visuals with a medium that would spread these visuals to every corner of Singapore. Realizing the wide visibility reach that road transportations have over other advertising mediums, decided to invest heavily on buses and taxis to flood their deluge of distinctive advertisements.

This strategic decision led to roll out Singapore's largest taxi advertisement campaign in both the property and internet business industry.

The advertisements contain four different visuals that are strung together by a common theme - the need to search for property. Although apparently outrageous or simply absurd, they ingeniously represent scenarios that people living in Singapore can identify with.

One of the advertisements, for example, captures the awkwardness of a young couple being in full sight of their parents when sharing a moment of intimacy. This visual cleverly invokes the desire of many young couples today who wish to own a personal space away from their parents.'s flashy and fun outdoor campaign also helps it to standout from its competitors (other property portals) that have a more sombre feel to their advertisements.

The outdoor advertisements under were solely conceptualized and created by the founders of the website, Mr. David Zhang and Mr. Cheo Ming Shen, who had no prior advertising experience. The advertisements were also created without the help of any external creative firm.

"The idea behind the ads goes beyond grabbing attention. Most property websites ads are usually stiff and plain which is why we have created this series of ads to inject some buzz and live to We want to connect you to your choice property agent and ideal property." added founder, Mr. David Zhang.