Program Benefits Homeschool Families with Kindergarten, Preschool Lesson Plans

October 11, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA — Kindergarten and preschool lesson plans are now available to homeschoolers and parents who want to help their children with early reading skills.

Elaine Engerdahl, who taught for 24 years with a specialty in reading instruction, is the author of Early Learning Solutions. She believes it is an integral tool for parents who want to foster a lifelong love for learning in their young children.

The program focuses on reading and writing skills. The lesson plans also inspire creativity and draw from a wide variety of subject areas from the traditional preschool and kindergarten curriculum. This broad spectrum of learning makes the program invaluable to parents who chose to homeschool their children, as well as parents who want to complement their child's classroom experience at home.

The lesson plans that are a part of Engerdahlís Early Learning Solutions program were originally designed for use by professional teachers. At the suggestion of a colleague, she made the preschool and kindergarten lesson plans available for homeschool parents and others seeking to augment their children's learning.

The suggestion lead to the birth of Engerdahl's web site,

"Many parents have asked me how they can help their young children to learn more, while having fun," Engerdahl said. "Reading to your children is a first step. I suggest incorporating a few simple strategies into the reading to ensure even greater success."

A highlight of the Early Learning Solutions program are books called Emergent Readers. According to Engerdahl, these books are short, with very few words on each page, with a story line that is predictable and repetitive.

"The parent touches each word as they read to the child," Engerdahl explained. "This indirectly teaches the child that print moves left to right, from top to bottom. It also gives the child an understanding of words, as they appear on the page. Using these highly repetitive and predictable books allows the child to begin the reading process quickly and gives them a feeling of success. Even though the child is not necessarily decoding words yet, they are gaining valuable insight as to what is involved in the reading process."

In addition to preschool lesson plans and kindergarten lesson plans, the program offers a collection of tips and strategies guaranteed to get children excited about learning.

Through Oct. 31, the Early Learning Solutions program is available at at a significant discount. Purchase of the program comes with a free membership to, which includes access to additional worksheets, materials for centers and reading incentive ideas.

Visitors to are able to sign up for a free newsletter and other helpful materials.

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