Blow to Lingerie Industry as UK TV Coverage for American Lingerie Football League is Delayed

December 22, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
2011 is looking bleak for manufacturers and retailers of lingerie. As a luxury that many people no longer consider affordable, lingerie and bridal lingerie sales have dropped off in 2010 and the boost that the British lingerie industry was relying on to boost sales now looks set to be delayed even further. In a move that is also sure to make men all over the British Isles hugely disappointed, it has been announced that UK audiences may be forced to wait a while longer to see scantily clad female American football players take to their TV screens on a regular basis.

Despite suggesting that there are plans in place to franchise the American based Lingerie Football League in Europe and Asia in early 2010, there is still no word from founder Mitchell S. "Mitch" Mortaza as to when the girls and their lingerie will appear on this side of the Atlantic. This is sure to depress the retailers that had been anticipating a boost in lingerie sales as a result of the launch of a European league.

As yet, the Lingerie Football League is not even available to watch on UK TV and so has not had the same positive impact on the British bridal lingerie retailers that it has had on their American counterparts. Screened on US channel MTV2, the bridal lingerie clad ladies have attracted high viewing figures in the United States but the games have not been syndicated on British TV.

The highly controversial Lingerie Football League, or LFL as it is commonly known, has made a major splash in the United States since the start of its inaugural season in 2009. It has caused major controversy amongst women's groups, which branded it sexist and demeaning, and causing just as much furore amongst the male population, towards whom it is marketed, but more as a result of the bridal lingerie style attire.

Ronan Carr, CEO of Irish lingerie website, has certainly felt the disappointment that has filtered through the industry on account of the lack of news: "We live in desperate economic times right now and every industry seems to be suffering, including the lingerie business," he said. "I was really looking forward to the welcome boost that the Lingerie Football League would bring, especially considering sales rose astronomically in the US. The industry could really do with an announcement like this sooner rather than later."

Considering the attention it has attracted and the sheer volume of individuals watching the ladies in lingerie play American football online, it is inevitable that the LFL will expand to incorporate leagues in Europe and Asia. However, when that will happen is certainly a major question that Mortaza will have to address sooner rather than later if the league is to stand any chance of success in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it is a question that lingerie companies like would like an answer to in order to provide a little profitability in dark economic times.