Debt problems in Nottinghamshire predicted to get worse warn Baines and Ernst

December 22, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Baines and Ernst, one of the UK's largest providers of debt solutions, has warned that personal debt levels are set to rise across the UK over the coming 12 months. New statistical data from the business, which specialises in setting up Debt Management Plans and Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) with creditors on behalf of overindebted consumers, shows that in Nottinghamshire the average unsecured debt levels increased by 9.41% when comparing Quarter 3 to Quarter 2 of 2010.

Commenting on the new figures, Nick Pearson, Director of External Affairs, from Baines & Ernst said "Unmanageable personal debt is already a major problem for many households in Nottinghamshire. Nationally, it is estimated that average unsecured household debt is £8,590 (excluding mortgages) rising to £29,929 when including mortgage debt (Credit Action/ October 2010). The fact that Unsecured and Secured debt levels in Nottinghamshire are increasing will add to their woes"

Figures published by "Credit Action" showed that across the UK 1 person every 52 seconds of the working day is declared bankrupt or insolvent and over 100 homeowners are being repossessed by their mortgage lender every day. As a result it has been calculated that lenders write off over £38m a day in bad debt.

Pearson continued that "given the likely impact of the recent Coalition Government Comprehensive Spending Review on employment, with some half a million people expected to lose their jobs as a result of spending cuts, we believe that the number of people with debt problems is likely to increase rapidly over the next 12 months. Added to this any rise in interests rates will also be a trigger for repayment problems for many homeowners who have become used to paying their mortgage at historically low interest rates."

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