Invest In Affordable Protection When Away Says Crime Prevention Products

December 22, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
With many Britons travelling to join their families during the festive season of Christmas and New Year, respected security providers such as Crime Prevention Products highly recommend homeowners and tenants invest in affordable protection to give them peace of mind while away.

Current crime statistics show that approximately 50% of all burglaries occur when a house or a flat is unoccupied, whereas less than 1% of burglaries occur in properties with effective alarm systems. For a small fee, a Wireless Burglar Alarm can ensure homes remain safe and sound while people enjoy the holidays with their loved ones, especially bearing in mind that most burglaries are opportunistic in terms of criminals scouting for easy and fast access without any protection measures.

With the advancement of wireless alarm technology, there is a practical and cost-effective way unlike never before to make a home unappealing to criminals. Wireless burglar alarms operate using motion detection Passive Infrared technology in other words they can sense an increase in body heat when an intruder gains access to a premises. They can also be combined with magnetic sensors attached to windows or doors that trigger an alarm when they are opened.

The main difference between a wireless burglar alarm and the traditional hard-wired alarm is that its component parts (i.e. the control panel, sensors and alarm) all communicate via radio signals, instead of being electrically wired. This means that they are much easier to install whereas many traditional alarms require electrical expertise to configure, their wireless counterparts can be easily setup by almost anyone.

The benefits of using a wireless burglar alarm are:

Cash savings by not having to hire a professional to install them.
Their sensor location is flexible as there are no complex electrical wiring limitations to consider. This factor also removes the risk of potential damage and upheaval which comes from connecting hard-wired alarms in a property.
Additional sensors can be easily added if further security is needed.
They can be removed and re-installed in a different building without any fuss this makes them a perfect solution for people who rent their homes because often landlords will not allow alterations such as tampering with the electrical wiring.

Cost wise, a wireless burglar alarm is far more economical than a hard-wired system (which will also include installation fees). These days they are available to suit every budget, with prices starting at just £30.

Terry Rattee, Owner of Crime Prevention Products, commented, "Since wireless burglar alarms are both highly affordable and very easy to install, there really should be no reason why both property owners and tenants don't invest in one to keep their homes safe while they are out enjoying the holidays. If you compare the small upfront fee of a wireless alarm compared to the unpleasant experience and resulting costs of a burglary, to be honest it's a no-brainer. We hope everyone takes this on board so that they can be sure to have a happy Christmas."