New Smart Social Networking Site – Idea Tempest

December 26, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
So you have a great idea? Now what? Idea Tempest was developed for innovators, entrepreneurs, persons wanting social change, and any other passion and goal that is important to them. This website allows users to present their idea and any relevant material to help explain or describe their cause. The social networking function comes into play where the person can solicit feedback, request guidance, and meet with others to share their idea and generate enthusiasm making the idea a reality. For example, if someone has a great idea for a charity but lacks experience to get the idea off the ground, that person can log onto Idea Tempest and find others who want to share and contribute to the idea. The person can also search out experts who have previously involved with non-profit charities and offer advice. This site allows its members to additionally form public and private groups, organize and search events, and advertise.

One of the best features of this website is it encourages professionals and experts to contribute and mentor those who need help. Idea Tempest does not discriminate against most ideas (although it will keep the website family oriented) nor discriminates against age, sex, occupation, education, religion, political bias, etc. The members have the option to offer these details but are not required. This means a 16-year-old entrepreneur can express an idea, ask questions, offer advice, and not feel threatened by being viewed in a stereotypical manner. The same goes for any other contributor. The site will maintain a professional feel and will remove any members who negatively contribute or comment.

Idea Tempest is not only for the inexperienced. This site joins together professionals and experts who also have great ideas and want to meet similar persons to begin a new business venture or similar cause. The team leader has the capability to interview his team member selection before forming a private group. The collaboration of talents through networking is joined and all individuals within the group can be productive from their home. Website links provided on Idea Tempest contain resources for funding, news, tools, and other business related needs.

Idea Tempest exists to allow its members to grow in knowledge and provide an opportunity to share their passions with others. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others are great for casual conversation between friends and family but for more serious and thought provoking applications, Idea Tempest is the best format to make new friends and acquaintances who share in common interests and goals. The website looks forward to the success stories that will result in these new relationships with persons who share common interests. Idea Tempest: Innovate, Collaborate, Create.