Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chapin of Chapin Aesthetics Addresses Breast Augmentation Misconceptions

December 23, 2010 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Scott Chapin of Chapin Aesthetics, a leading Philadelphia plastic surgery practice, consistently strives to provide educational resources and vital information to his patients to help them make informed decisions regarding their health and beauty. An advocate of open and honest doctor-patient communication, this New Year he is taking on the challenging task of clearing up some common misconceptions about breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Chapin wants his prospective breast augmentation Philadelphia patients to know that:

- Breast implants cannot be "rejected" by the body.

- Silicone breast implants have been thoroughly researched and do not cause autoimmune or any other disease.

- Having breast implants will not alter the routine mammogram schedule.

- During the breast lift (mastopexy) procedure, the nipple is never "removed" from the body; rather, the skin around the nipple is removed.

- Using the periareolar incision will not affect nipple sensitivity any more than an incision at any other site.

- The TUBA method (through the belly button) is not a recommended incision site because it increases the risk of complications.

Breast Augmentation Surgery with Dr. Chapin

Widely recognized as a skilled Philadelphia breast implants surgeon, Dr. Chapin has an excellent track record of personalized, quality medical care and outstanding postoperative results. He understands the importance of exceeding his patients' expectations and therefore provides a customized breast implants fitting test using the "lentil bean bag." He believes this method is much more accurate than using actual implants to size a patient because the lentil test takes into account the look of the implants once compressed behind the muscle. In addition, he uses the safest surgical techniques, including the periareolar, armpit or under the breast incision, depending on the individual's anatomy or preference. To view the outstanding results obtained by breast augmentation Philadelphia patients, please visit Dr. Chapin's breast enhancement before and after photo gallery.

In addition to a before and after plastic surgery photo gallery, Dr. Chapin's website offers information about other appearance-enhancing procedures (such as liposuction and tummy tuck in Philadelphia) at his aesthetic surgery suite as well as non-surgical beautification treatments at his leading-edge skin care suite. Prospective Philadelphia cosmetic surgery patients can also retrieve information about Dr. Chapin, his medical team, office hours and location, maps and contact information to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Chapin. For more information, please call Chapin Aesthetics at (866) 802-5758.