Formula Control Scale with 'Track & Trace' - A self justifying project (Recipe Formulation System - RFS)

January 04, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
SG Systems LLC, Dallas TX - Thousands of dollars each year are wasted by scaling errors, causing scrapped batches, material variance & over-usage. Discover the solution which increases your bottom line, prevents ingredient scaling waste and delivers 'worry free' lot & batch number traceability. The Vantage Formula Control Scale is available out of the box (lb or kg options) and may be upgraded to the well respected networked system, with inventory control & ERP/MRP linkup.

In other words, it forces operators to weigh ingredients with greater precision. The result, is a proven $ saving of ingredients. Typically between 2 & 6% of your annual ingredient expenditure. The Lot number screens allows lot numbers to be recorded for each weighed ingredient. (This will integrate with ERP in the advanced version).

Over 100 Management Traceability Reports enable you to view the details behind 'what was used and when', giving you complete confidence in the production formulation process. Lot tracking is both paperless and worry free.

HACCP and BTA Compliance is easily achieved with the Vantage Formula Control System as it keeps track of all the lot numbers used within a batch.

Inventory Software Option (receiving ingredients, finished product shipping)

The Vantage Inventory Software enables you to manage (and label) inventory at multiple stages in your facility. Commonly used as a method of receiving inventory to generate labels (which can be scanned at the formula control scales), the software also enables finished products to be linked to sales orders for complete factory floor traceability.

The Vantage Inventory Software enables factory wide traceability of materials throughout the process, from receiving raw inventory to shipping of final product.

Formula Software

The Vantage Formula Software (Recipe Formulation System - RFS) enables you to manage the Vantage Scales from a PC. The software can be installed onto multiple PC's and run concurrently.

Standard Reports

The Vantage Inventory Formula Control Scale features over 100 reports to enable the precise traceability of not just the formulations, but also the traceability required to complete an audit within the system. Below are some report samples which feature hyperlinks to enable rapid interrogation of data for a swift recall of either an ingredient or a finished product.

Label Printing Options

Labels can be generated for the many inventory transactions. Labels can be customized to meet the applications however a standard library is available to select from.

Can SG Systems help me integrate?

Yes, SG Systems will provide you with a sample set of XML files and schemas (to be created in-house or by a 3rd party systems integrator).

Having doubts about systems integration, we're happy to provide you with our evaluation software to help you prove the concept. The evaluation software will allow you to simulate production floor activity to prove to the manufacturing team that the solution is possible.

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