Research Shows Many People Are Allowing Their Money To Slip Down The Drain

January 07, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Ignoring a problem rarely makes it go away. And turning a blind eye to a persistent plumbing predicament can be a very bad mistake in fact, it often only makes the situation far worse. If your toilet's overflowing or a pipe's sprung a leak, every second you turn a blind eye to the issue, more and more damage is being caused to your property. Similarly, the longer a tap is left dripping, the more money you're literally allowing to slip down the drain. The only way to get things back on track is to tackle the issue head on often with a costly call out to a tradesman.

As Jon Florsheim, CEO of HomeServe Membership, explains, leaving a plumbing problem to fester in this way can seriously expensive consequences. "Water leaks can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to a neighbouring property if they aren't sorted promptly and professionally. Often they seem innocuous or are even out of sight if left unresolved the damage can be severe," he remarked.

However, as the effects of the economic downturn have set in over the past few years, increasing numbers of Britons have chosen to sweep their plumbing problems under the carpet, fearing a hefty bill from a tradesman. For example, research by HomeServe last year discovered that up to 100,000 Britons have ignored a leaking toilet for more than a year. For people living in flats this can be a serious issue not least because a leak can affect adjoining properties whose residents are keeping up with their home maintenance jobs. And the cost of the damage has been pretty serious an estimated £2 billion has been spent in recent years by homeowners and landlords to put things right.

To avoid putting themselves in a situation where keeping their bank account in the black becomes more important that living in a happy and healthy home, many people aim to select the right home emergency insurance to cover them when a problem arises. Protecting yourself in this way means that when a problem occurs - and they happen to even the most careful homeowners - you can be sure that a fully qualified tradesman is on the way to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

By getting plumbing insurance in place, you'll have the peace of mind that should the worst ever happen, the most you'll have to do is make a cuppa or two for the friendly, fast and efficient tradesman enlisted to fix the problem and get your home back on track.