Announces Enhancements to Phone Reminders

January 08, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
ROCKVILLE, MD.,January 8, 2010 Snoozester, creators of the web-based wake up call service, today announced the launch of the new and improved Snoozester Reminders. Snoozester's new reminder service allows individuals to schedule reminders online and receive them on their phones.

Snoozester's reminder service allows users to receive their reminders by phone call (using text-to-speech technology) as well as mobile text message (SMS). The new Snoozester phone reminders work on any U.S. and Canadian phone, including both mobile phones and landlines. Snoozester Reminders allow users to schedule recurring phone reminders on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. More information about Snoozester Reminders can be found on Snoozester's website:

Prior to the launch of the new Snoozester Reminders, the service has most commonly been used by individuals as a self-serve, hotel-style wake up call service. Snoozester users schedule their wake up calls online and receive them on their phones. Snoozester's wake up calls are best know for their fun-factor as well as exclusive features for heavy sleepers, such as SecureAwake (a feature where Snoozester calls you every few minutes until you wake up and press 1 to indicate that you are awake).

About Snoozester

Snoozester helps people wake up on time and keep track of important events and appointments. The company, founded in 2005, has delivered millions of wake up and phone reminders. Snoozester also offers interactive marketing services for businesses and has partnered with universities to offer wake up calls and reminders to their students.