The isoTracker Document Control and Quality Management Software suite has delivered a record year in 2010 for Lennox Hill Ltd

January 11, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Lennox Hill Ltd today announced that it had a record year in 2010 for the isoTracker Document Control and Quality Management Software with current customers increasing their licences and new customers signing on.

Lennox Hill continues to expand its customer base for all three of its modules which include Document Control, Customer Complaints and Audits.

Document Control was again the biggest seller with most customer renewals and new sales including that module in their requirement. One of the interesting trends for 2010 was that for the first time several new customers opted to start their isoTracker subscription with the Customer Complaint module only.

Lennox Hill also saw an expansion of the geographic spread of its business with new sales in Australia and the Middle East. The core markets of UK and USA however posted the biggest sales increase for the period driven mainly by new customers and to a smaller extent by current customers adding new users and/or new modules to their subscription.

The Audits module which was launched in November 2009 has also seen good progression with several new customers being attracted by its simplicity and ease of use.

"We see that our strategy of focusing on hosted applications that are easy to use and are competitively priced is starting to pay-off. We are also seeing fewer companies objecting to the use of hosted or cloud based software as a means of managing and maintaining business critical documents and processes" said Christopher Stainow, Chief Executive of Lennox Hill Ltd

Lennox Hill has also announced that it is finalising the development of a new Competency Testing module and has sent it into testing. The Competency Testing module is being developed with the help of one of its large customers. This new module will identify competencies, build tests around those competencies and attach those competencies to job roles from where assessments of job holders can be scheduled and performed. This module will also integrate into the Non-Conformance and CAPA request features of isoTracker.

Lennox Hill continues to invest heavily in the advancement of its suite of products with major upgrades being planned in 2011 for its Customer Complaints and Audits modules. A minor upgrade of its Document Control module is also planned.

A 60-day FREE demo of Lennox Hill's product offering is available on their website

Operating out of London, UK and Madurai, India, Lennox Hill Ltd is a unique provider of hosted software solutions for effective management of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 processes. The current offering includes modules for document control, complaints management, audits and competency testing.