Chicken dinner the sky high winner

January 13, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
New research from national travel insurer, AAMI, today revealed that our beef loving nation would in fact prefer the chicken when it comes to sky high dining.

"More than half of us would choose the chicken (53%) while just 37% would opt for the beef," AAMI Spokesperson Rebecca Aley said.

The survey found that the long held belief that airline food is something barely tolerated mid-air is unfounded, and many Australian travellers find airline food on international flights highly enjoyable.

"It seems that the idea that we dread airline food is a travelling myth, and travellers fastening their seatbelts this Christmas for their international holiday are more than ready to drop their tray tables and welcome a tray of airline food."

Ms Aley said over a third (36%) of Australian travellers said they 'quite liked' international airline food and six per cent admitted to loving it. "Only 4% of travellers said they hated the food and less than a fifth (16%) said they didn't like it.

"When you consider that renowned chefs are engaged by airlines these days, for example Neil Perry at Qantas, then you would expect the quality to be of a very high standard, and obviously passengers are taking notice and are enjoying the food on offer."

Top five international airlines ranked best sky high fare:

1. Qantas
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Emirates
4. Air New Zealand
5. Cathay Pacific

"Our survey showed there were a few horror stories, including an elastic band in the food, cold scrambled eggs, and mouldy cheese, however overall most people had no complaints and were complimentary," Ms Aley said.

"And perhaps it's the old adage of the best food is something you haven't cooked yourself; after a stressful year, it's nice to sit down and have someone bring you food!"

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