Scarpa Sales Hit Record High at

January 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Scarpa is the preferred choice for hiking and climbing with there being no better brand for mountain pursuits according to Scarpa is a popular choice with serious hikers and walkers who like to adventure at a higher altitude and tackle Europe's most difficult terrain. However the brand is enjoying a current sales rush at, as British outdoor enthusiasts flock to the brand.

Scarpa boot sales are at a record high this winter at, with the top of the range mountaineering boots and robust outdoor trainers starting to outsell other brands.

The Italian performance footwear brand is well known and a popular choice on the continent, however in the UK the brand has previously not enjoyed high sales outside of performance sports circles, although current sales figures suggests this is fast changing. The high quality craftsmanship may place the brand out of the reach of many amateur adventurers, however sales of this top of the range outdoor brand have been soaring at, as the UK's growing legion of walkers are discovering that the initial outlay is reflected in lifespan, durability and comfort. "The quality you get from Scarpa footwear is second to none, and can give a good many years of performance" according to MD Richard Gundle.

Part of the popularity of the footwear comes from the close and comfortable fit offered by the shoes, with a custom lasted design well suited to the full range of foot shapes. The range encompasses all mountain sports, from approach walking to ascents of the world's most difficult peaks. Whilst the brand is at home in the mountains, the range has recently been expanded to include high performance footwear for a more casual market, with a lifestyle collection. The range is further broadening the appeal, with sales of Scarpa walking shoes and trainers a highly popular choice with customers.

The introduction of the Scarpa Zen, Vortex, Epic and Mystic models has been a welcome addition to the range, and an instant it with its customers. The brand is world renowned for its high performance mountaineering and skiing boots as well as their climbing shoes; however the highly versatile trainer range is proving to be just as popular, as evidenced by the continued high sales since their introduction at the online store.

"We were a little surprised by the sudden surge in popularity of the brand, although we have always regarded it as one of the best" claims Richard. The rush in sales may have been triggered by the recent run of Alpine weather which has swept the country, however at they believe it is something else. "British walkers are taking their exercise more seriously these days, and are looking for the best quality footwear as an investment in their favourite pastime" offers Richard.

Scarpa footwear for approach walking, Hiking and mountaineering and the full range of outdoor sports can be found at