MyCampMate. A New Travel and Trip Based Social Network

January 20, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
MyCampMate is the first experience sharing community of its kind focused on assisting and enhancing the outdoorsman's trip planning and local knowledge anywhere they are.

World's first iPhone App community based on collectively sharing and learning from one-another's trips and experiences. This is a crowd sourced, GPS assisted, experience sharing network that allows each member to create unlimited trips, invite friends, stay better connected and share their experiences via a pin on a map.

Members are encouraged to share anything they find by dropping a designated pin on the device's map. Members then name the pin that is dropped at a very specific location, and give details about that exact Latitude and Longitude.

In doing so, that pin now remains in the map for all members of the community to see, learn about and benefit from. Examples might be fruit stands, firewood sales, rest areas, small local vendors with needed provisions or just a great spot to pull over and enjoy the view.

When a member is in a new location, or on a trip, they can specifically search for or even happen to stumble across a pin left by someone else. These pins, and the functionality to search for needed pins, enhance their trip and overall experience by discovering locations and experiences they otherwise would not know about.

"We're extremely excited to see what local knowledge we will find as the community grows. Think about all the new spots we will now know about for our trips." Tyler Campbell, President and Founder.

Members are encouraged to update the pins they have dropped as new information arises, as well as those they did not create, by adding additional comments. This allows the app and community to stay up-to-date, thus making each pin a mini-forum about that specific location (either vendor or experience) anywhere on earth.