Shaping the Future at the third Annual Global Symposium on Business and Mental Energy at Work

August 29, 2003 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Influential leaders will gather at the Global Symposium in Geneva, Switzerland, this October 6-7. The Global Symposium offers a rare opportunity to join a prestigious international meeting to address key issues affecting the work environment worldwide. The Symposium will culminate in a white paper meeting where the framework of a new industry to improve the work environment will be explored. The Symposium will further address issues about the future definition of work and the impact the rapid changing world.

The CEO of World Strategic Partners, Einar Stokke, emphasizes:
"The Global Symposium has proven to be an important forum for leaders that are concerned with the wellbeing of the workforce. The current health delivery market is fragmented and a redefinition of the whole industry is necessary. We can already see signs of this for instance in increased empowerment of the consumers. One of the major achievements from the last symposium was the establishment of the Club of Geneva'

"The belief is that real change and progress for world issues can result when you bring people from many different disciplines together to solve problems', said Majella Uzan, President of World Strategic Partners and a board member of Club of Geneva. "It also is a unique opportunity to gather best knowledge and recommendations, innovative thinking and solutions needed to meet new demands'.

The Club of Geneva emphasizes that the way work is designed today adds to the burden of stress and mental illnesses. Club of Geneva states that there is a need to define a business case and function that is responsible for the quality of an individual's life. The gap to be bridged is between the desire to maximize short-term profit and the sustainable success of a company. Club of Geneva is concerned to develop the business case for this longer-term sustainable view, drawing on good practice cases, and supporting networking across disciplines, sectors, countries and cultures.


World Strategic Partners presents the Symposium in collaboration with the Club of Geneva and the Global Workforce Partnership. World Strategic Partners is an international health management strategy firm. Our activities reflect our ability to align an extensive international network of experts and organizations whose aim is to promote innovative thinking in health care policies and services. For more information, please visit

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