PLX DEVICES M-250 with 2 1/16'(52mm) Gauge Low Cost Tuning with High End Results

October 30, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Altos, CA PLX Devices introduces the M-250 wideband oxygen sensor controller and PLX 2 1/16' display gauge for gas engines. Together both components make an affordable way to tune engines from premature detonation in lean conditions, maximizing power in rich conditions, as well as improving fuel economy.

Combining versatility with style, the compact M-250 and PLX gauge can be fitted to virtually any gas powered engine. Coupled with air/fuel ratio (AFR) measurements accurate up to 0.1 AFR, the M-250 with gauge gives a technological advantage to gasoline engines.

Roughly 2'x 4', the M-250 wideband controller is easily integrated into any gas powered vehicle or vessel. A Bosch wideband oxygen sensor and an 8ft. plug and play wire harness are included with the controller for quick installation. Once installed, the self-calibrating controller begins to measure the car's AFR via the oxygen sensor installed in the engine's exhaust system. With an analog wideband output signal updating at 100,000 times per second, the M-250 is ideal for interfacing with a wide variety of applications such as engine diagnostic tools, data loggers, and engine management systems. Complimenting the M-250 is the available 2 1/16' gauge, in white or black varieties. Designed to industry specifications, the gauge fits into standard 2 1/16' (52mm) gauge pods, mounts, pillars, and cups. Gauges feature a three-digit display and an integrated digital needle, and properly display AFR accurate up to 0.1 AFR.

"More and more, engineers and engine tuners are finding just how important their air/fuel ratios are. Whether it's protecting their engine from premature detonation in lean conditions, maximizing power in rich conditions or improving fuel economy, vehicle AFR is a vital parameter in any internal combustion engine', says Paul Lowchareonkul Founder of PLX Devices. Traditionally, internal combustion tuning of this level required the help of expensive equipment or time consuming sessions on dynameters which to most, makes it unaffordable. With the M-250 and other PLX products, every gas powered engine in an automobile, motorcycle, and marine vessel can benefit from PLX wideband air/fuel technologies.

PLX Devices specializes in the design, development, and distribution of technologies focused on the improvement of internal combustion engines. With an emphasis on making Air/Fuel Ratio tuning available for gas powered vehicles, PLX Devices features wireless data logging, display gauges, and tuning software.

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