Crime Prevention Products Says Good Home Security Is Now Effortless

January 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Once thought of as unreliable due to signal interference and other issues, wireless burglar alarms have now advanced to provide a trustworthy plus cost effective way to secure a property. Respected industry professionals such as Crime Prevention Products advise that people no longer need to be on the wealthy end of the economic spectrum to own an alarm system these days every house and flat should have one because they can be simply installed without the need for a professional and their prices have dropped significantly since they were first introduced so that currently there is a solution to fit every budget.

In their simplest form, Wireless Burglar Alarms can simply be bought to provide a sensor at the front and back door to detect intrusions through motion detection. Since they don't rely on the complex wiring of the traditional alarm system, they can be enhanced over time as needed and without any fuss.

The range of wireless security products also extends to match individual priorities, from those designed specifically for flats (here wireless is a perfect solution as most landlords don't like major changes to their properties such as a wired alarm system would entail, plus tenants can take their wireless alarm with them when they move) to those that include a panic button which would be perfect for the elderly to give them peace of mind if an intruder gains access. They can also be bought with a battery backup so that they continue to be effective during an electrical shortage.

People have been concerned about any pets they have setting off the alarm, however since the sensor differentiates between a small object and a human sized potential burglar, this is not an issue.

Earlier wireless burglar alarms were given a reputation for being unreliable as their receiving range was often not sufficient to pick up signals from every area they were supposed to cover. This meant they were not guaranteed to sense an intruder every time, which rendered them a useless guessing game in terms of when they would work. There were also problems with system interference from other electrical products in their vicinity. These glitches have now been firmly ironed out however and today they are regarded by leading experts as being just as reliable as their wired counterparts.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, commented, "Wireless burglar alarms have come a long way since they were first introduced, and the technology continues to advance even beyond our current expectations. The problems that gave them a bad name in the past are no longer present; these days we can genuinely recommend them to our customers as a reliable home security system that also won't break the bank balance."

Another main benefit of wireless alarms over wired systems is that complex electrics and disruptive installations are removed from the equation. A wireless setup is simply dependent on the distance of the sensor to the keypad.

With their economic pricing, reliability and simplicity of installation, wireless burglar alarms are fast growing in popularity all homeowners and tenants can now enjoy the quality security that was once reserved exclusively for businesses and the wealthy.