Toronto Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Lista Uses New Approach for No-Drain Tummy Tuck

January 23, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Frank Lista, a leading Toronto plastic surgeon and director of the Plastic Surgery Clinic, has developed a new surgical approach to drainless tummy tuck surgery called "Progressive Tension Abdominoplasty." Throughout his prolific career spanning several decades, Dr. Lista has innovated several new surgical techniques that have been adopted by cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons worldwide. His new approach to drainless tummy tuck surgery is expected to revolutionize the field once again.

Unlike conventional tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Lista's no-drain tummy tuck procedure involves the use of internal stitches called Quill sutures. These sutures can be used to prevent the collection of postoperative fluid (seroma) that would otherwise require the use of drains. Surgical drains are small tubes that are placed under the skin and attached to a reservoir bag on the outside of the body, where postoperative fluids escape. While they help prevent infection and other complications, surgical drains may also cause complications and hinder the healing process as well as limit a patient's mobility. By using Quill sutures to lock the skin and muscle in place, Dr. Lista is able to close the space where fluid would typically accumulate, thereby eliminating the need for surgical drains.

The Plastic Surgery Clinic of Toronto is the first medical facility in Canada to use the Quill suture for drainless tummy tuck surgery and remains the highest volume user of Quill sutures in the country. Most importantly, Progressive Tension Abdominoplasty allows Dr. Lista's Toronto drainless tummy tuck patients to experience a much faster, more comfortable recovery and avoid the risk of complications associated with surgical drains.

To learn more about drainless tummy tuck surgery with Quill sutures, please contact the Plastic Surgery Clinic at (905) 278-7077 or visit their website at

More About the Plastic Surgery Clinic

The Plastic Surgery Clinic is a leading-edge medical practice and surgical suite led by Dr. Frank Lista, who has been helping Toronto cosmetic surgery patients obtain optimal aesthetic results for decades. The facility is staffed with compassionate and extremely qualified medical personnel, weight loss surgeons and plastic surgeons who perform a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face, body and breasts, including liposuction, breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation treatments such as facelift and eyelid lift surgery. Dr. Lista is also a renowned Toronto breast augmentation surgeon who has received international attention for his unmatched surgical skills and innovative techniques. The Plastic Surgery Clinic serves as a training facility for other plastic surgeons who travel there from around the world to observe Dr. Lista and his team perform sophisticated surgical procedures. The clinic is widely recognized as a top-notch plastic surgery practice where patients receive unsurpassed medical care.