Sigg Bottles the Safe Choice for Transporting Water Claims

January 21, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Water bottles are an essential item of kit for any outdoor adventure, with hydration vital especially when exercising. The human body requires up to around 4 litres of water to stay fully hydrated during warmer weather, and carrying so much liquid can be a bind. With such a high volume required, safe transportation is of paramount importance, and punctured or cracked bottles can spell disaster. It is this reason why professional sportsmen and women, and outdoor adventurers choose SIGG Bottles, which offer assurance that no matter how tough the conditions, or rough the treatment they will stay intact.

"SIGG bottles are renowned for their virtually unbreakable design" says MD Richard Gundle, with the online outdoor clothing and footwear store offering a wide range of sizes, styles and designs, which will survive in even the most challenging conditions. The brand has long been the preferred choice of customers, offering a corrosion resistant design, and a lightweight aluminium construction for maximum performance on the trail and in the mountains.

"SIGG use impact extrusion to construct the bottles, which provides a seamless design free from weak points" explains Richard. He points out that "many inferior bottles especially those constructed from polycarbonate contain BPA, which has been linked to a variety of health problems. BPA, or Bisphenol-A, is used not only in PC bottles, but has also been found in many non-branded products, especially with a lot of the cheap imports coming to Europe from China. Whilst the compound does not have concrete evidence against it, with some hotly debating the safety aspect, some studies suggest that it can be linked to cancer and infertility. Whilst manufacturers who use the compound in the bottle linings claim that the material does not leach into beverages, it is clear that most purchasers are choosing to play it safe, and instead opt for unlined or non-BPA bottles. "SIGG bottles manufactured after 2008 feature non-BPA linings, so you can be sure drinks are 100% safe" says Richard.

The popularity of SIGG bottles comes not just from the safety element, both in terms of the materials used for the linings and the robust design, but in recent years from the style the bottles offer. The brand has now branched out from the traditional outdoor styles and colour schemes and now produces a range of high fashion bottles. The new styles have been a welcome addition to the collection at, offering highly attractive designs which turn the mundane water carrier into a thing of beauty. Whilst this has certainly raised the profile of the brand and has attracted many new customers, it is primarily the safety aspect from the SIGG design which is the biggest draw.

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