New Resource for Pole Dance Enthusiasts: Songs, Tips and more at

January 25, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Pole Dancing has become a very popular fitness option over the past 10 years and pole enthusiasts are very passionate about their music. A new resource is now available online that includes both hundreds of songs that are perfect for pole dance and all kinds of helpful information regarding the sport:

On this site there are songs for each of the different styles of pole dance conveniently grouped into playlists. Samples can be found right on each page so there is no need to jump around to check out the songs. As any dancer can attest, choosing the right song is an important part of creating their dance expression. Sometimes a slow and sultry song is just right and sometimes a fast and flirty song suits the situation. On this website, pole enthusiasts are even invited to post their own favorite songs to help create a robust resource for all pole dancing music lovers.

In addition to the wealth of music, offers a simple but thorough description of the different styles of pole dance classes. This is very helpful since what seems like a straightforward concept in reality has a handful of very different types of classes. While all referred to as a "pole dance class, " some studios offer training in the acrobatic or competitive style of pole that requires great strength and a high level of fitness (to the point it is even being considered for the Olympics), some focus on training actual industry workers in the authentic style of pole dance, some offer the equivalent of an aerobics class which essentially uses the pole as a prop to work out with and yet others teach a style of classes that focuses on the more artistic side of pole dance - teaching women to dance sensually while using the pole as an accent. Obviously, a person looking for one type and walking into a class offering a vastly different one can be quite surprised. This site does a great job of educating women on how to ask questions about the classes at their local studio so they know what to expect. There is also useful and objective information regarding different types of pole dance equipment, grip enhancers, shoes and outfits with savings and coupons, too. All in all it is a valuable resource for anyone with a love of pole dancing.