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January 27, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
January 27, 2011 Despite the increase in campaigns for road safety by the government, half of all drivers on the UK's roads are scared to drive because of dangerous actions from other users and nearly 33% have been caught up in a road rage incident, as shown by the results of a survey of nearly 2,000 people.

The survey found that 75% of drivers in the UK are stressed due to the way that people drive in a dangerous manner. The car hire comparator began the survey asking drivers around the country their views on other drivers.

People are scared to drive and it's no wonder as 80% of people had seen other cars weaving around on a motorway to get ahead of another vehicle; 92% had seen people going over the 30-mile an hour limit; and 77% had viewed tailgating on motorways at over 70 miles an hour.

The potential dangers of these actions huge, especially as 17% had seen someone reverse their car up a motorway; and half of drivers had seen someone drive the wrong way on a one way street.

Road rage was particularly apparent and the results found that drivers had been pursued by other drivers, been involved in physical violence, forced off the road, kicked, punched, bullied, had their car attacked and been verbally intimidated even in public. Also, carjacking has been experienced by 6% of people or someone they know.'s Gareth Robinson, the managing director, said: "Britain's roads are very busy but it is even more dangerous that drivers behave in these manner. Our survey told of unspeakable things such as intimidation or physical violence, which is terrible."

Aggression is just one aspect of dangerous driving but many people are distracted easily, in spite of campaigns of safe driving, with 93% or drivers questioned said they had seen people dealing with children arguing; looking at attractive men or women walking past; talking on a mobile phone; drinking coffee; changing sat nav controls or the radio; and putting on make-up when behind the wheel despite the known dangers.

The penalties for driving dangerously should be harsher to make sure people are being more responsible behind the wheel, which is agreeable to 75% of people that took part in the survey.

"There have been many campaigns for safe driving but people still drive dangerously and put their own lives, and others, at risk", added Gareth. "Yet people still perform crazy and potentially tragic actions of reversing up a motorway or being violent towards another driver.

"To highlight the dangerous acts that people do, the road safety organisations, patrolling officers and the government have to make sure that road users are listening to the advice to stop these actions."

To help drivers be safer on the roads, the 2010/2011 road safety campaign 'Hell is Other Drivers' has been launched. To get exclusive offers and safe driving advice visit the website

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* Story Highlights
- Road rage victims amount to almost 33%
- Half of drivers are frightened to drive on the UK roads
- 75% get stressed and angry at the actions of other drivers on the road
- 75% of people think harsher penalties should be introduced for dangerous driving