New Year Health and Fitness Drive sees Foot Care Top of the Agenda claims

January 28, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
The habitual New Year's resolutions always see sales of exercise footwear and running shoes rise, as this year is no exception, with sales soaring as new fitness and healthy living regimes get well underway. Attempts to shift excess weight put on over the festive period are in full swing, as the nation tries once again to get in shape and stay that way this year. However, it is not just new shoes which are being purchased in high numbers with foot care also top of the agenda, as evidenced by high sales of brands such as Superfeet insoles.

The premium shoe insert and insole manufacturer Superfeet enjoys year round strong sales at the online footwear and outdoor clothing retailer, with their design perfectly suited to the full range of trainers, walking shoes and hiking boots. Outdoor enthusiasts really put their feet through the paces over punishing terrain, and are made to endure excessive stresses and strains over highly uneven trails and mountain pathways. Taking on the UK's countryside may well be a pleasure, however not always for the feet. Hikers and walkers are prone to develop foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns and calluses from all the hard work in the great outdoors. This year, new shoe purchases are being increasingly accompanied with purchases of shock absorbing Superfeet insoles, to ensure that the feet an easier time of it on outdoor adventures.

"Sales of Superfeet insoles are stronger than ever" claims MD Richard Gundle, and whilst competitor brand purchases are also buoyant, it is the Washington company which is proving to be the favourite with customers. "The brand is well known for its shock absorbing insoles and inserts, with a versatile design catering to all foot types and the full range of outdoor footwear" says Richard, providing just a couple of the reasons why the brand is doing so well. stocks both the Easy Fit and Trim to Fit range, offering its customers a wide choice of Superfeet insoles to fit the full range of their footwear. Whilst the brand provides 20 different models of supportive well cushioned insoles, the range can often be confusion for first time customers. "We are currently offering 8 models from the range, which we feel provides ample choice for our customers" says Richard. With models suited to low, medium and high arched feet, and low and high volume models in the collection; all feet and footwear are catered for, even high heel shoes.

The insoles are regarded as one of the best, and also one of the longest lasting cushioning products on the market. The closed cell design does not take on moisture from sweaty feet, and when shoes get wet, wearers can avoid the underfoot squelch, with anti-microbial treatments to keep odour at bay. However what makes the brand stand out from the competition is the patented stabiliser cup, which keeps the heel secure by cradling the fat pad properly and provides excellent shock absorption and comfort in this high impact region of the foot. "Our customers really put Superfeet through the paces and take on the toughest terrain" says Richard. If the insoles can carry on giving support with such a punishing treatment, and still last for a good 12 months, then it's no surprise that sales are so buoyant.