Dominical Surf Camp: Taking Care of Business

February 03, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Surfer? Want to surf? Either way, Sunset Surf, the finest Dominical surf camp offers up some of the most unique Costa Rican experiences you could ever imagine.

Nestled at the base of the Talamanca Mountains along the Southern Pacific coast, sits Dominical. Although one might have some preconceived notions on what they envision Dominical to be, we can assure you…you'd be wrong.

Reading the countless articles on the Web about Dominical might lead one to believe that it is some kind of bustling little beach town where the party never stops. Here is what to expect.

Dominical. This community consists of two dirt roads. Both run parallel to the Dominical beach and are fit for any horse and carriage. Sometimes people can fall in to the potholes and disappear for days at a time. Of course I'm exaggerating…well not really.

This is a village where surf shops outnumber the gas stations 20-0 and where your morning wake up call could come from any number of intriguing rainforest animals like a toucan or howler monkey. Follow me? Its definitely quaint to put it lightly.

One day, along came the Park family. Having grown fond of the Costa Rican pura vida lifestyle, they decided to plant roots in the area. Youngest of the bunch, Dylan Park, took it upon himself to start a Dominical surf camp and was bound and determined to bring the Park family "touch", to the Dominical surf scene.

As a licensed lifeguard and seasoned veteran on the Costa Rica surf scene, this young entrepreneur possesses not only the business accumen but also the experience and skill to bring freshness to a dormant and over populated industry.

Each year, Dylan sees more and more adventure seekers and tourists alike, coming to the area to see what all the hype is about. He has rapidly become the most personable on the scene. Having been raised in Hawaii for the better part of his life, Dylan brings the perfect blend of "aloha" and "pura vida" to the scene.

Dominical is known world-wide for it's famous beach break consistency, however late in 2010, Costa Rica was slammed with heavy rains that resulted in the river mouth of the mighty Baru pushing a sand bar out past the delta. What this did was form a crescent shaped sand bar at the river mouth that now throws off both left and right breaks. Something Dominical wasn't familiar with in the past.

In the dynamic business of surf camps, the Dominical surf camp, Sunset Surf, strives to stand above the crowd and provide the best Dominical surf camp experience money can buy.

If you are considering a trip to the area, Dylan would love the opportunity to show you around. Whether its surf lessons or jungle excursions you are looking for, when it comes to adventure in Dominical, Dylan is YOUR GO TO GUY!