AwareBase Tina Performing Data Management for DND CC130 Hercules Parts

February 03, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Edmonton, Alberta, Feb 3, 2011 AwareBase, an engineering document management company, announced today the successful rollout of additional Tina features and functions enabling secure and controlled management of parts and bill of material data and information for the Canadian Department of National Defence CC130 Hercules aircraft.

Says AwareBase President and CEO: "Engineering and logistics groups, who support complex in-service assets, face big challenges managing and controlling changes to approved parts data. During maintenance, technicians rely on this information, which is usually published in Illustrated Parts Catalogues, to order and install the right parts. Depending on the asset, the implications of stocking, ordering and installing the wrong, or non-optimum, part can have serious economic, safety and asset availability consequences."

AwareBase Tina is the application used by CC130 engineering staff to manage and control CC130 parts data and information. Engineers can now conduct rapid research and leverage Tina's change management and workflow management engines to eliminate data ambiguities, create and modify relationships, add new approved parts and make changes to preferred and alternate parts.

"Change traceability and auditability is an absolute requirement in the aerospace and other regulated industries." Says Steven Gentles. "AwareBase Tina ticks this box providing total insight into the past, present, future and possible future states of the parts data. Tina also answers the 'who-what-where-when-why' questions as they relate to every change that has ever been made, or is being contemplated ensuring auditability and traceability."

In addition to its Tina product line, AwareBase provides complementary data migration services. Says Steven Gentles: "Many of our customers have legacy data that needs to be prepared and transported into our solutions. In the case of the CC130 parts data, over 90,000 parts records were eventually migrated from legacy systems. AwareBase was able to add additional value by pulling information, including NATO Stock Number (NSN) and NCAGE (manufacturer information), from the Canadian Government Cataloguing System (CGCS) and merging it with the parts data. This data enrichment benefits CC130 engineers in two big ways: they now only need to go to one system to access information and any data issues between engineering, logistics and supply systems are immediately apparent and may be rectified further improving fleet data quality."

To streamline the publication of Illustrated Parts Catalogues, AwareBase Tina has an XML export feature. Says Steven Gentles: "Although Tina can be used to provide the latest approved parts data directly to maintainers, some customers prefer a more traditional data delivery approach through published Illustrated Parts Catalogues. The Tina export to XML feature means that the parts data can be easily imported directly into publishing software saving time and ensuring data integrity."

About AwareBase:
AwareBase customers manage large volumes of documents and electronic files, execute their work using project management best practices and typically operate in regulated environments that demand impeccable record keeping. AwareBase solutions allow its global customers to organize, manage, distribute, search, securely access and control their data and information yielding significant productivity improvements and absolute corporate knowledge retention.

AwareBase Tina is the perfect engineering project management software solution designed for engineers, by engineers. Tina is used by our engineering customers to manage product, project and asset data and information including: engineering document management as well as hierarchies such as Bill-Of-Material (BOM), Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) information. Tina's global change management and workflow features ensure that everyone is always aware of where their data and information was, is, will be and may be.