New Street Safety and Self-Defense Program Turns Kids into Little Warriors

October 15, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
New Street Safety and Self-Defense Program Turns Kids into Little Warriors

In America 750,000 children are reported missing every year. Each year a staggering 50,000 are never heard from again.
FBI Crime Statistics 2000

With increasing media coverage of child abductions, sex offenders, and missing children, there is an urgent need to teach children Life Training Skills that can help kids to avoid and escape the many dangers of modern society.

The Little Warriors Street Safety Program is a unique new street-proofing and safety program that teaches kids aged 5 to 9 how to be safe, how to protect themselves from danger, and what to do in an emergency.

This program uses role-playing games and demonstrations to involve children and helps create a high level of interest. These games teach children survival skills without causing anxiety or a loss of innocence. Children do not have to understand all the reasons why something is wrong, they just need to know when something is wrong and what to do. Role playing games teach by doing, rather than lecturing. By physically re-enacting a skill through games and exercises, children create new nerve pathways in the brain that will enable them to use that skill instinctively later if they need to. These good instincts will serve to protect kids their whole lives.

The Little Warriors Street Safety Workbook for kids, and the Street Safety Teachers Guide for adults, together provide parents and educators with easy to follow step-by- step instructions that enable any parent, teacher, or coach to conduct an exciting and effective street-proofing course in their home, school, after-school program, or summer camp.

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