Webinar Shows In-Memory Database System Is Much More Than "Traditional" DBMS Deployed on a RAM-Disk

February 11, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
McObject's Webinar, "What Makes A Database System 'In-Memory'?" scheduled for February 17, tears apart the idea that In-Memory Database System (IMDS) responsiveness is equivalent to a conventional database deployed in memory, such as on a RAM-disk. Attendees will come away understanding the significant sources of overhead that burden any disk-oriented database management system (DBMS), even when that DBMS is held in RAM.

A RAM disk, or RAM drive, is software that enables applications to transparently use memory as if it were a hard disk, usually in order to avoid physical disk access and improve performance. Applications such as telecom call routing have deployed on-disk database systems on RAM disks in order to accomplish real-time tasks.

But DBMSs deployed in this manner are still hard-wired for disk storage. Processes such as caching and file I/O continue to operate - even though they are redundant in this environment - and to drain performance.

An in-memory database system stores data in main memory, keeping all records available for instant access. IMDSs eliminate cache management, logical and physical I/O, as well as data duplication and transfer inherent in on-disk DBMSs. As a result, IMDSs will always turn in better performance.

"What Makes a Database System 'In-Memory'?" addresses common misperceptions surrounding IMDSs. Join noted author and database technology expert Steve Graves on Thursday, February 17 to gain a better understanding of IMDSs, which are used in real-time applications in a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, telecommunications, networking, financial trading, industrial control and consumer electronics.

Other myths on the chopping block in this Webinar include:

Myth 1: On-Disks DBMSs Can Use Caching To Equal In-Memory Database Systems' Performance

Myth 3: By Using A Solid State Drive (SSD) For Storage, an On-Disk Database System Offers Performance Equal to an In-Memory Database System

Myth 4: 'Memory Tables', a Feature Offered By Some Conventional DBMSs, Are the Same as In-Memory Database Systems

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