ACPI offers new specialized trainings, a key for marketing success in parenting coaching businesses, at reduced tuition for 2 weeks

February 15, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Did you know that the top parenting issues center around two age ranges, the preschool years and the teen years? To respond to parents' needs for support and education in these years, and the Academy for Coaching Parents International ( announces two, new highly-rated specialized trainings for parenting coaches, educators, and caregivers as a way to expand their private practice and increase their income.

The first course, Nurturing Emotional Intelligence in the Early Years, developed and taught by Jeannie Fino, ACPI Certified Parenting Coach and early childhood teacher, focuses on the development, expression and management of emotions and self-regulation. How parents nurture emotional connections provides the foundation for a child's relationships throughout life.

The second course for coaching teens or parents of teens is called Before They Know It All, how to talk to tweens and teens about their sexuality is based upon the award winning book by Alan Carson, educator, counselor and ACPI Certified Parenting Coach.

Alan Carson Publishing announced that the book, Before They Know It All, which is the basis of his course, has been awarded the PTPA Winner's Seal of Approval. PTPA Media is North America's largest parent community, with over 40,000 volunteer parent testers. Because of the popularity of this course, Mr. Carson has established a licensing program for all who wish to teach the course.

To encourage all parenting professionals who wish to increase their knowledge and skills, ACPI is offering 10% reduced tuition on all specialized training for professionals in parenting coaching, education, and counseling in February. To see all course niches, go to and download the Course List.

Other popular specialized trainings including, Coaching Parents of Special Needs Children, Coaching Parents of School-Ages Children, Coaching Single and Divorced Parents, Coaching Co-Parenting, and Coaching Parents of Intuitive Children. To make this opportunity available to all students, ACPI has opened a global school so all students can take courses online at their own pace.

The Academy for Coaching Parents International (ACPI) is dedicating to training professional Parenting Coaches with a compassionate, collaborative approach after which graduates can help parents identify priorities and make good choices based on what is optimal for parents and their children. Parent coaches take on the role of a lifetime by helping parents and who can act as a qualified mentor, coach, teacher or listener.

Most people aren't fulfilled until they are helping others, then they shine. For those interested in the exciting opportunities available in parent coaching, ACPI is a nationally recognized academy for educating and training professional first-class coaches and fervent mentors for parents and families.