e2Save launches 'Select, connect and save' campaign; smartphones and much more

February 18, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Today (February 18, 2010) e2Save launches its new 'Select, connect and save' campaign to help anyone interested in purchasing a mobile phone or smartphone make a more informed decision whilst saving money at the same time through a choice of free gifts such as TV's, tablets, games consoles, laptops and netbooks to help them communicate more effectively in the new 'connected world'.

Making the right mobile choice in a jargon heavy world can be a challenge. From pay as you go phones to smartphones which offer connectivity, advanced operating systems and the latest technology, we aim to help you understand the connected world. We are committed to providing customers with insight and knowledge in order to access a wealth of rich technical products and features to make their lives easier. e2Save's campaign therefore includes free guides, educational videos and an interactive online model to help people better understand their connected world, what's available to them, the best tariff options for them and how todays games consoles, tv, laptops, tablets, cameras and phones connect and work together.

James Collins, Managing Director, said "We are passionate about providing our customers with the right mobile phone and free gifts for their needs. We believe that Smartphones have already proved they are an essential item and we want to help people better understand the amazing range of features this technology brings and how it can help them in communicating with friends or enterprises or simply in organising their busy lives. We also appreciate that not everyone wants or needs a smartphone and we want to help people understand what phone is best for there needs and budget. Our interactive connected world model, free guides, including a guide to Smartphones, a guide to Smartphone Applications (or App's) and our easy- to-read Smartphone Jargon Buster, are designed to do just this."

For more information on the campaign, to download the guides, or to see the latest range of Smartphones and offers, including the popular HTC range, Blackberry range and iphones, visit our select, connect and save campaign page.