Mole•Master Launches Abrasive Blasting Service for Bins, Silos, Equipment

February 22, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MARIETTA, OH – Mole•Master Services Corporation now provides abrasive blasting as an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative for cleaning grain, pet food and food processing bins and silos.

Ideal for interior or exterior surfaces, the Ohio-based company's abrasive blasting services are the right choice for removing a variety of materials, including:

- Paint
- Surface rust
- Scale
- Graffiti
- Corrosion
- Contaminants

Also referred to as "soda blasting," Mole•Master's abrasive blasting blends sodium bicarbonate with compressed air to scour away unwanted materials without damaging the surface underneath.

"Soda blasting also excels at decontaminating and removing certain types of bacteria and mold," said Dave Laing, Mole•Master's general manager. "This is particularly important in the pet food, grain and food processing sectors."

Abrasive blasting is an important factor in keeping facilities in these industries running at peak capacity. The process is extremely effective at cleaning interior and exterior surfaces of all types, including:

- Machinery
- Structural steel
- Masonry
- Walls
- Conveyors

Visit Mole•Master's website at for more information on its abrasive/soda blasting services or email for details.

Ohio-based Mole•Master is the leading manufacturer and provider of silo and bin cleaning services and equipment.