So What Are Glowsticks Really Used For?

March 06, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News have issued a comprehensive go to guide about glowsticks and their numerous uses. We're all aware of glow sticks and their notoriety in the music industry for performance in festivals and clubs throughout the UK, but did you know that glowsticking is actually a recognised performance art? This art may have enjoyed a huge amount of popularity in the music industry, but glowsticks are often used as performance tools in all aspects of art from stage performance, glow in the dark and blacklight theatre and even light art photography.

Struggling to think of ways in which glowsticks are useful outside of the music scene? It seems that glowsticks roots lie firmly in the military as they were developed as light sources and light markers. Light sticks don't require batteries or electricity to work which means that there's no danger of a glowstick sparking and causing an explosion making an already bad situation worse! Adopted into civilian life, versatile glowsticks have a wide range of recreational uses from outdoor activities such as diving (they hold up to high pressure) and caving to fishing and glow golf!

Glowsticks are brilliantly bright, vibrant and colourful and so it makes sense that they're incredibly popular with kids. Glow necklaces and glow bracelets are essentially slimmer glowsticks in longer lengths so that they can be worn comfortably around the neck and wrists for spectacular party effects that kids love. Find out how you can use kids love of glowsticks for a fantastic fundraising opportunity as well as a sneaky way in which to keep them safe at events and celebrations such as Halloween.

Speaking of celebrations, did you know that schools have enlisted glowsticks as a safe alternative to candles for carol concerts, Christingle services and choir performances? It makes sense really, glowsticks are safe, they illuminate from within and remain cool to the touch which means that even the younger children can be involved in concerts and services, there's no fire risk and the kids have a take away souvenir of their performance! Fantastic!

It seems that glowsticks are indeed far more versatile than as simple party sticks, find out more imaginative uses for glow sticks at