The secret ingredient for degassing aluminium & aluminium Alloys. Flussum Nitral C-19 Tablets.

November 01, 2004 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
This action takes place with a minimum of fume emission and virtually complete absence of unpleasant odours.
These degassing tablets are anti pollution tablets which is very desirable these days.

The absence of toxic or harmful fumes is ESSENTIAL in foundries Eg The Backyard Foundry, where there may not be good
ventilation, or where the neighbourhood prohibits the use of obnoxious materials.

Flussum Nitral C -19 tablets can be used to degas all types of aluminium (eccept magnesium alloys) and its many alloys for sand casting or when die-casting.

It is quite useful to degas aluminium in the larger holding furnaces of commercial operations.

The Degassing Method.
The Flussum Nitral C-19 Tablets are plunged into the melt at a temperature not exceeding 750 Deg C.
The tablet or small segment(depends on the size of the melt) is held down in the melt with a long handled tool with an inverted bell shaped dome which has several holes drilled through to allow
the gas to escape during the degassing operation.

The degass reaction is transmtted upm the degas bell tool handle, in some instances the reaction can continue for several minutes.
The metal temp needs to be monitored prior to completing the pour.

The required addition of Nitral C-19 depends on the degree of metal contamination of the melt. Dirty metal may require two or more additions of C-19.

One tablet weighing 50 Gms should be used for every 25 to 50 Kg of metal.
For the home foundry worker the tablets can be quite easily broken into small segments and stored in an air tight glass jar ready for use.

I have employed the use of Nitral C-19 tablets for many years in my home foundry with considerable success in degassing aluminium metal for pouring green sand moulds, and permanent
steel die casting moulds when gravity die-casting pistons.

After plunging the tablets or small segments into the melt, allow a couple of minutes for the reaction to end or settle, skim-off accumulated rubbish and quickly pour the metal.

If you have never bothered to degas molten aluminium before pouring you moulds, you will be amazed at the vast improvement in metal quality and the lack of porosity in the castings.

Porosity (pin holes) is quite common when melting & casting aluminium.
Melting Aluminium is a great way to start hobby foundry work, but it has it's problems when incorrect degassing & fluxing procedures are not carried out.
C-19 Nitral tablets can be bought at most foundry supply ware houses.

Australian suppliers:
Stallman & Company P/Ltd. 32 Perry Street Matraville NSW.
Or your nearest foundry supply house.

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