EnoAuctions' Pennies Help Save the World

March 12, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Orlando, FL —- By design, penny auctions are meant as opportunities for a great deal and as that, EnoAuctions has emerged as one of the Internet's newest and most exciting penny auction sites. What makes them stand out from the crowd (and it is a crowd out there with sites like these popping up everywhere), is their emphasis on providing a different type of opportunity. At EnoAuctions.com, there is an entire page dedicated to "Giving Back", meant as a head-on retaliation against the stigma of penny auctions sites as being greedy or opportunistic.

It's been a few months into their launch and EnoAuctions has poised itself as one of the most entertaining and interactive retail auctions online. Their unique model is based on pre-purchased bids that cost $0.50 the lowest of any site of its kind. A bid can then be placed on hot products such as iPads, Amazon Kindles, digital cameras, and other coveted items. And the bidding starts at you guessed it a penny. Apparently, if you watch your pennies, the dollar really will take care of themselves, as the saying goes EnoAuctions just sold their first iPad last week for a mere $5.12. For more information: http://www.enoauctions.com/auctions/Apple-iPad-with-Wi-Fi-16GB-255/?ref=iqmpr1

"It's our belief at EnoAuctions that we are a part of a greater community. That we all belong to the family of man and should do what we can to help others," says Director of Marketing and Public Relations for EnoAuctions, Kenworth Reeves, Jr. It is this belief that led them to give their first charitable grant of $500 to the Premier Foundation. The Premier Foundation is a public foundation that is committed to seeking out smaller non-profit organizations and providing financial support to fulfill their needs. It is through these type of partnerships that EnoAuctions is able to help fund many different projects such as access to clean drinking water and fresh food, education, and schooling for children in developing countries, medical attention for those in need, and micro-financing to help families lift themselves out of poverty.

According to Reeves, EnoAuctions is growing at an impressive rate and is determined as a company to make a difference in communities locally and around the world. EnoAuctions.com understands that people can spend their pennies at any number of online auction sites. But it is few and far between that people can say they shopped and saved and helped save the world with those pennies.

For more information: http://www.enoauctions.com/page/giving-back/?ref=iqmpr1