Lennox Hill Ltd announces the inclusion of SSL encryption to the isoTracker Document Control and Quality Management Software

March 14, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Lennox Hill Ltd today announces the inclusion of SSL encryption to the isoTracker Document Control and Quality Management Software.

isoTracker is an online hosted platform, also known as Cloud Software or Software as a Service, that provides document control, complaints management and audit management services to its customers. As a hosted platform, isoTracker stores all of its customers' data and information on its servers and must protect that information from being accessed by unwanted parties. In order to protect its customers' data on its servers isoTracker uses the latest encryption technology plus virus and intrusion detection software.

With the recent addition of SSL encryption isoTracker is now able to offer a complete security package that now extends from its servers to the transmission of data and information over the internet and the receipt of this data by its customers.

SSL security is commonly used by banks and credit card companies when communicating confidential information over the internet. For banks and credit card companies, this confidential information could be account details, account owner details, passwords and general payment information. For isoTracker customers' this could be all the data and information entered or uploaded in their isoTracker accounts.

SSL encryption is displayed by the prefix of https://, rather than the usual http://, at the beginning of the web address line and a small padlock in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window. SSL also makes use of certificate authorities that check that the certificate comes from a trusted authority, that the certificate is valid and that the certificate has a relationship with the owners of the domain name that isoTracker accounts use.

"Lennox Hill has always taken the security of its isoTracker platform very seriously and we are pleased that customers are appreciating the benefits of hosted or cloud based software applications in providing a secure infrastructure that in many instances can rival that of the more traditional software applications" said Christopher Stainow, Chief Executive of Lennox Hill Ltd

A 60-day FREE demo of Lennox Hill's product offering is available on their website http://www.lennoxhill.co.uk.

Operating out of London, UK and Madurai, India, Lennox Hill Ltd is a unique provider of hosted software solutions for effective management of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 processes. The current offering includes modules for document control, complaints management, audits, competency testing and CAPA.