Six Reasons Why You Need Twitter Conversation

March 14, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
This is a part of a business series from Ask or answer on twitter.

Twitter started with the question "What are you doing" and it has never stopped at the questions. It has grown and the best part of twitter is its evolution of doing something new each day and there are many developers holding their apps for twitter.

A twitter conversation is the one where you are tweeting about something and there is a response from your friend, follower or somebody from twitter universe .If you respond to your friend or follower or somebody from twitter universe then also it is called a twitter conversation. The whole point is to bring out the importance of twitter conversation.

Listed below are the six reasons:

1. With Twitter Conversation you establish connection.

One of the things people forget when they start tweeting for business is that the person who reads your tweets will become uninterested when they only hear about you in the tweets. So to build or establish connection it is also important to start a twitter conversation

2. You cannot tweet like you have nobody in the universe.

Twitter is important to build your brand but not talking about anything else will make you noiseless. For example if there is a major event happening in the locality where your customers live then make sure you tweet about it and share about the event. Best possible way would be to try connecting your brand to the event itself.

3. Your trust level increases.

Remember the golden saying if you treat your customers personally then the customers will come back to you for attention. Starting a good conversation will not only help to connect but will build the trust level.

4. With twitter conversation you are reading what others are saying about you.

One of the important things about twitter conversation is that you are always aware what people are thinking about you.

5. You will become more open when you involve

When you hear or read what people are thinking about you. You get very valuable feedback about your business and this helps you to change according to your customer and become more open and friendly.

6. Your twitter conversation will last always.

Nobody usually remembers what you said about someone else but if it was said to a person then he or she will remember it longer.