The Recovery Place Warns: Don't make the Drug and Alcohol Addiction Fit the Treatment

March 24, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
The Recovery Place cautions consumers looking for help with drug and alcohol addictions not to consider treatment centers that take a solitary treatment modality approach. Making the client fit the treatment, instead of the other way around, is a major cause for relapse.

Addiction is a complex illness that is different for each person, and the most effective treatment is client-centered and individualized to each unique situation and set of problems.

While there are some common basics in drug rehab and alcohol treatment program, The Recovery Place recommends the client not be forced into just one method of therapy. A fully comprehensive treatment center that combines multiple tracks with an individualized care plan for each patient offers the best chance of recovery.

Many treatment centers are based on a single track, for example a fully 12-step program for all clients, without taking into account the complex needs of the variety of addictions and other mental health problems that may exists with the program's clients.

Successful addiction rehab centers such as the model programs at The Recovery Place, offer Christian, dual-diagnosis, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and family treatment tracks. Within each of these tracks the individual needs of each client is taken into consideration, and a care plan created to meet most effectively the needs of each patient and their family.

Some clients work best in a program that focuses either on alcohol or on drugs, since much of drug addiction and alcoholism treatment is based on sharing with others who have had common experiences, and learning to support each other in a positive and healthy way.

Many people are battling with an addiction combined with a mental health issue, such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) This is referred to as having a dual-diagnosis. Dual diagnosis requires very specialized care that can never be provided in a treatment center that has only one therapy modality.

Comprehensive drug and alcohol rehab programs must support family members just as fully as the addict or alcoholic is being supported. The Recovery Place far exceeds the support most rehab programs offer.

"Our commitment to including the family leads to higher levels of success for our clients and instills hope and guidance to the families that support them," emphasizes Pamela Hand, Program Director at The Recovery Place.

"Weekly family contacts, the weekly family support group, and the quarterly family weekend," explains Pamela, "help to develop strong awareness and support for the client and their family."

The Recovery Place also emphases care that is flexible and progressive. Understanding the multiple layers of problems that a client brings to the table requires a professional expertise to make sure that something isn't lost in the entire treatment and therapy focus.

About the Recovery Place:

The Recovery Place offers client-centered comprehensive drug rehab and alcohol treatment with multiple therapy tracks. We interface with the national community to provide education to those seeking help for a variety of addiction problems, and provide help from first contact into the aftercare period. Our treatment plans are designed to best suit each client's needs with the long-term goal of sustained recovery.