Slip 'n Grip Seat Covers Provide Protection and Ease of Use

March 25, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
GREEN, OH Floor mat covers are a given at auto repair shops, with spring mud everywhere, but the often underused seat cover should have just as prominent of a role, recommends dealer supply veteran AutoShop Express.

"Garden-variety, single-ply seat covers paper or plastic often go unused because they're viewed as inconvenient," said Paul Brown, president of the Ohio-based dealer supplies distributor. "They're slippery; they won't stay in place. The constant adjustments often don't seem worth the effort."

He recommended Slip 'n Grip seat covers as an effective solution: Their double-ply construction provides a high-friction surface that grips both cloth and leather seats without damaging the materials, along with a smooth exterior that allows mechanics to enter and exit a vehicle with ease.

Brown also suggested looking for Slip 'n Grip seat covers offered in a standardized design that protects bucket, bench and split seats.

Sourcing and using the right type of protection for the interior of a customer's vehicle often the owner's biggest investment, next to a home is worth the effort, Brown said. "Most importantly, customers have the right to expect to get their vehicle back in the same shape they left it, without mud, oil or evidence of someone else's lunch on the seat.

"From a shop owner's point of view, Slip 'n Grip seat covers make sense because taking good care of a customer's vehicle is synonymous with taking good care of your business," he said. "A satisfied customer who's confident in your ability to care for his vehicle is a return customer willing to recommend your shop to others."

AutoShop Express distributes a wide range of interior protection supplies, including adhesive floor mats, paper floor mats and steering wheel covers, along with a complete array of dealer supplies, such as key tags, repair order holders and oil change stickers.

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