Crime Prevention Products Says Feeling Safe When Out Can Be Simple

March 24, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Although traditionally it is the most high risk people, women and seniors, who have wanted to feel secure when out after dark, these days everyone could well use some added peace of mind. Whether people find themselves in suspect or dimly lit areas, well-known security providers such as Crime Prevention Products advise that extra safety confidence is well within reach for everyone through a simple, low cost solution.

Personal safety alarms come in convenient sizes to be easily slipped in a pocket or purse. Even for strong men, they are a much less daunting way of preventing criminal situations than the prospect of having to get up close and personal by engaging in physical combat with an attacker. Also, while mobile phones are often thought of as a safety measure, chances are that when a situation happens there is simply no time to dial the police.

The aim of a personal safety alarm is to produce an ear-piercing sound that will shock and disorientate a would-be attacker, so that the victim has the opportunity to escape or at least alert people in the vicinity to the crime.

There are two main types of personal alarms battery and gas. Battery operated devices tend to last longer over time before the battery needs replacing and they also tend to be smaller than their gas counterparts, in some cases less than 5cm square. This makes them ideal as key rings or fobs. Gas alarms are generally cylindrical and typically about 10cm in height. You can also buy a miniature key ring gas alarm, which despite its modest size has the power to blast an attacker with a 138 decibel alarm.

Most experts agree that an alarm needs to be at least 130 decibels to be effective. While the volume in both gas and battery operated personal alarms generally reaches this level as standard, the pressure in gas alarm canisters creates a constant shriek that is more disturbingly ear-piercing than the pulsating siren made by most battery alarms.

Both types of personal alarms are available at a similar price, with most best selling devices generally falling in the highly affordable £5 - £11 range. Products at the lowest end of the cost spectrum simply contain an effectively powerful alarm function. Rising in price, customers can choose devices that have additional features that are suited to their power source. Battery alarms can include torches or strobe lighting to further confuse a criminal, whereas gas alarms can combine their loud sound with a repelling odour spray or an ultraviolet tracer that leaves no mark unless viewed by a police UV scanner.

Owner of Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, commented: "Personal safety alarms are unobtrusive to carry and cost very little they offer an excellent way to have that added peace of mind when out after dark or in risky places. Our tried and tested devices are increasingly in high demand from a broad sector of people, we are now even shipping them throughout Europe and in the US. For as little as a fiver, everyone should have this convenient added protection on hand."