Acoustiblok, Inc. Launches QuietFiber®, a Do-It-Yourself Noise Reduction Solution for Homes and Restaurants

March 24, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
TAMPA, Florida, March 24, 2011 Acoustiblok, Inc. has launched a do-it-yourself sound reduction product, Quiet Fiber®, the newest of Acoustiblok's award-winning sound abatement offerings.

What makes QuietFiber unique among Acoustiblok's range of sound deadening products is its ease of installation; no tearing down drywall, no hiring contractors. In fact, all that is needed is a serrated knife, a glue gun, and (if you want to camouflage the product) remnant fabric, which can easily be wrapped around the QuietFiber and hot-glued in place.

In today's world of hard surface tile, stone and wood interiors of homes and restaurants, interior noise can be especially problematic. The only solution to this is adding as much sound absorbing material into the room as possible; adding area rugs and heavy drapes rarely delivers any serious level of sound dampening or noise control.

High sound absorbency QuietFiber, can be installed anywhere in the home, a restaurant, or other space that needs a non-invasive DIY interior noise fix. Once cut to size, the product can be concealed almost anywhere, secured in place by nothing more than a hot glue gun.

QuietFiber can be cut to size to fit underneath cabinets, countertops, tables, chairs, or behind a wall tapestry. Slide a QuietFiber "pillow" on top of a cabinet, or anywhere else that noise is a problem and aesthetics are a must.

QuietFiber is a non-fiberglass material designed to absorb the maximum amount of sound. Fireproof, totally hydrophobic (will not absorb water or moisture), non-deteriorating, mold and mildew-proof, Acoustiblok offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

"You can install it anywhere, it's an easy DIY project that provides the kind of sound attenuation that most of us demand, whether we are eating a meal in a restaurant or in your own kitchen," says Lahnie Johnson, founder and president of Acoustiblok, Inc.

QuietFiber is UL fire rated for floor, wall and ceiling applications, 100-percent recyclable and 100-percent made in the U.S.A.

For more information on QuietFiber® visit the Acoustiblok website, send an E-mail to, or call 813.980.1400.