April 05, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(NY, USA March 20th, 2011) Global economy creates new micro-job market for young professionals. Wide variety of services available to and from young pros at 5, 10, 20$ per project. Quality small business start-up packages for $100 flat!

More and more students are attending and graduating from college and university every year. Unfortunately, they're entering the workforce with an ever-increasing amount of student debt. Faced with limited experience and few job prospects the very definition of "Catch-22" success can seem a far-off dream, even with clear plans and intentions. New entrepreneurs want to know "how do we get started??"

The best and the brightest are taught not to find jobs, but to invent them. Obviously, this is costly and time-consuming. New professionals admit they're at a loss, with little capital to invest and struggling to find paid work with little or no experience.

Competition has never been fiercer; simply offering a product or service is not enough new entrepreneurs are struggling to stand out in the new global economy.

Jobsfor10 helps young entrepreneurs and professionals realize their visions. Start-up companies sometimes miss out on the benefits of a well-rounded media kit because marketing agencies are not only intimidating to approach, they're also incredibly expensive, especially for brand-new businesses. Jobsfor10 helps young pros by offering a unique marketplace where creative services and more can be contracted for 5, 10 or 20 dollars.

The purchasing power of $100:
* Web Design ($10)
* Logo design ($10)
* Promotional Video ($20)
* Website copy (content) ($10)
* Custom Facebook and Twitter page ($10)
* Add 500 followers to Twitter ($10)
* Get 100 Facebook "likes" for the page ($10)
* Attract 500 daily visitors to your website ($10)
TOTAL: $100.00

But that's only half the story. Students and entrepreneurs are the ones providing the work and building successful, paid portfolios at the same time! The next generation of creative professionals is right here, driving each other past the Catch 22 in preparation for either financial independence or that first big position but these days, most seem to want the former.

There's more a lot more. From advertising to video and beyond, next-gen pros have the opportunity to safely buy and sell their services everything they need to get started, all in one place!
Buyer and seller protection is the name of the game here escrow services and client-provider mediation work in favour of both parties, making Jobsfor10 safe, easy and profitable for creative business solutions.

Next-gen pros say they're flocking to Jobsfor10 because it's genuine. They don't like that many similar markets are overflowing with subpar providers and bargain-basement buyers.
Both buyers and sellers also say they like the fact that here at Jobsfor10, there are no corporate agencies vying for business it's truly a market for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs!
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