72 Hour Kit Proves to be Sound Disaster Protection

March 30, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
"Get a kit, make a plan and stay informed." This is what the government has been urging all of us to do, and it appears that Americans are starting to listen. The 72 Hour Kit offers a simple and complete survival pack for the critical first 72 hours following a major disaster.

Long before global seismometers went black with the "immeasurable activity" of the March 11th Japan quake, there were other disaster warning signs. In 2011 alone we have witnessed the Queensland floods, the Western Australia Brushfires, and the devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake in New Zealand. The global disasters of the last decade loom large in the annals of natural catastrophes including the 2003 Iran Quake and European Heat Wave; the 2004 Indonesia Quake; the 2005 Sumatra Quake, Hurricane Katrina, and Kashmir Quake; the 2008 Cyclone in Myanmar and Great Sichuan Quake; the 2009 Swine Flu Outbreak; and the 2010 Haiti Quake.

What if the unthinkable happened to you … a major quake, a major storm, a major attack? It's not pleasant to think about. We know it has happened before. It's easy to assume that "someone" will do something. We are conditioned to rely on "them" to fix everything … but what if "they" don't? What if "they" can't? What if you and your family must fend for yourselves for a certain period of time? Could you? The 72 Hour Kit (www.72hourkit.com) provides the critical components to help you sustain yourself until help arrives or vital services are restored. Each kit is only $19.95 for 3-Days of essential provisions and select survival tools … that's less than $7 a day to stay alive. The 72 Hour Kit is complete, easy to store, portable and its food and water supply are approved by the US Coast Guard.

Experts tell us that the first 72-hours following a major disaster are critical. Why? In the event of a major earthquake, hurricane, flood, wildfire, tornado or even terror attack … communication lines are often overloaded or down, electricity is typically out, food spoils, water may be unavailable or undrinkable and first responders often need days to locate people in distress. It is important to have 3 days' worth of survival supplies. Having a 72 Hour Kit (www.72hourkit.com) with essential food, water, first aid, and other critical survival tools will increase your chances of staying alive as well as your overall peace of mind until help arrives and vital services are restored.

FEMA asks "Are you Prepared?" and "Will you be a disaster survivor?" Clearly is the answer is up to us. Across the US citizens are now taking a more active role in "preparedness" and self-preservation and The 72 Hour Kit (www.72hourkit.com) has compiled the essential components of survival into a convenient kit at an affordable price. The 72 Hour Kit has been featured on major US News Channels and is offering average citizens "Peace of mind in a Box."

"You don't have to tell me to be prepared twice. I remember Katrina, and I will not be helpless," says Brad of Los Angeles who recently purchased several 72 Hour Kits. "I bought 6 of them … one for each family member and one for my car."

The 72 Hour Kit's food and water components are US Coast Guard Approved and have a Guaranteed 5-Year Shelf Life. The kit includes:

Six 4.2 oz Mylar Water Pouches
36-Piece First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket
2400 Calorie Food Bar
5-in-1 Survival Tool
Waterproof Matches

"We saw a glaring need for an easy and convenient way to stay safe in a crisis. The 72 Hour Kit is the result of several years of disaster planning research and survival product testing," says Shawn Hassett one of the creators of the 72 Hour Kit (www.72hourkit.com).

These are uncertain times. Having a 72 Hour Kit in your home, office or car will help give you the peace of mind by preparing you for the unthinkable. The 72 Hour Kit is available online at www.72hourkit.com