Phone Cards Central launches two brand new products

March 31, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The first product WDN Communications has announced through their retail website is entitled Click&Call and it allows customers to place calls directly from the webpage. Advantages for this particular product are a simplified dialing process and the convenience of being able to place the calls without interrupting any activity in front of the PC. Click&Call allows users to place calls AND send text messages to worldwide phones.

The second product is somewhat similar to Click&Call, entitled PC-2-Phone. It is a user-friendly application which takes no longer than a couple of minutes to install and run. Its various features make it a convenient tool for people who are comfortable making calls from a PC or laptop, as it allows them to save numbers in Contact List and it also provides an extended Call History. But on top of these PC-2-Phone offers many other great options, which make the use of this product very suitable for people who want to stay in touch and also be reachable. The major ones are Virtual Numbers, allowing clients to rent a number, from the country they receive most calls, on which they can also be called at local rates; voicemail, for storing messages received when not signed into the application; Call Forward, to redirect calls received on the Virtual Number to their actual phone. Detailed descriptions for each and every one of these features but also for the embedded SMS can be found on PhoneCardsCentral website.

Both PC-2-Phone and Click&Call come with an attached PIN number, which means that even though customers get one or the other product they can also use the "classic" calling method, the phone card. As seen in the info stated on PhoneCardsCentral's website, the balance on the PC-2-Phone or Click&Call can be shared with the balance for the phone card.

Though the adding of these two products comes as no big surprise, PhoneCardsCentral having a tradition in satisfying the most diverse needs of the telecom market, it sure comes as a plus, as it offers clients a wider range of products to choose from.