Windows Power Expansion is a New Fake Anti-Spyware Program to Come Out of the Malware Pipeline

April 01, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Power Expansion is a new scareware incident in the form of a rogue anti-spyware program. has released a Windows Power Expansion Removal Report to assist computer users with the deletion of this potentially malicious program. Windows Power Expansion disguises itself as Windows program and attempts to take money from unwary users.

Windows Power Expansion is a rogue PC security program that is known to use antagonistic scare tactics in hopes to persuade computer users to purchase a full version of the Windows Power Expansion application. Through these deceptive methods, a computer user may purchase Windows Power Expansion which could put credit card information in the hands of unscrupulous online scammers.

Windows Power Expansion may have a rather convincing main menu and graphical interface, one that closely resembles well-known anti-spyware programs on the market such as XP Security 2011, Windows Antivirus 2011, and System Tool 2011.

Windows Power Expansion was purposely designed this way to trick computer users into trusting it to detect and remove spyware and viruses. The major issue lies with Windows Power Expansion's inability to carry out the spyware removal functionality.

To avoid detection, new files of Windows Power Expansion may continue to appear so keep a look out for new changes on this Windows Power Expansion removal guide. Another essential rule to follow to block is Windows Power Expansion to maintain your computer up-to-date by updating virus definitions on your anti-virus program and downloading Windows security patches from Windows Update.

Bogus warning messages displayed by Windows Power Expansion:

"System component corrupted! System reboot error has occurred due to lsass.exe system process failure. This may be caused by severe malware infections.

Automatic restore of lsass.exe backup copy completed. The correct system performance can not be resumed without eliminating the cause of lsass.exe corruption"

"System Security Warning Attempt too modify register key entries is detected. Register entries analysis is recommended"

"Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Potential Threat Details Microsoft Security Essentials detected potential threats that might compromise your private or damage your computer. Your access to these items may be suspended until you take an action. Click 'show details' to learn more"

"Warning! Name: firefox.exe Name: c:program filesfirefoxfirefox.exe Application that seems to be a key-logger is detected. System information security is at risk. It is recommended to enable the security mode and run total System scanning"

"Threat prevention solution found Security system analysis has revealed critical file system vulnerability caused by severe malware attacks. Risk of system files infection:
The detected vulnerability may result in unauthorized access to private information and hard drive data with a seriuos possibility of irreversible data loss and unstable PC performance. To remove the malware please run a full system scan. Press 'OK' to install the software necessary to initiate system files check. To complete the installation process please reboot your computer"

You should completely ignore these bogus warning notifications. The only message that should be clear to you is to remove Windows Power Expansion from your computer. Windows Power Expansion is an online scam and intended to rip people off.

As stated by's Windows Power Expansion report, it is not recommended to rely on Windows Power Expansion and you should not purchase it under any circumstances. Additional information and resources to assist computer users with removing Windows Power Expansion can be found on the Windows Power Expansion report at: