AwareBase Tina Software Managing DND CC130 Hercules Preventive Maintenance Program Requirements

April 07, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Edmonton, Alberta, April 7, 2011 AwareBase, an engineering document management company, announced today the successful roll-out of additional Tina software features and functions enabling secure and controlled management of preventive maintenance program requirements for the Canadian Department of National Defence CC130 Hercules aircraft fleet.

Says AwareBase President and CEO Steven Gentles, "Aircraft such as the CC130 Hercules aircraft are delivered from the factory with an OEM recommended preventive maintenance program. The program is made up of thousands of discrete maintenance requirements activities that must be performed at specified intervals. These requirements change and evolve over time in response to what is, or isn't, being found during maintenance. Further complicating matters are repairs, part replacements and third party upgrades & modifications that have been embodied, all of which may introduce, modify or even eliminate discrete maintenance requirements from the program."

The goal of any preventive maintenance program is to ensure safety and maximize aircraft availability at the lowest maintenance cost. Given the dynamic and evolving nature of the requirements, consistent achievement of this goal can be extremely challenging. Says Steven Gentles: "Tina's preventive maintenance management software features make adding, modifying or eliminating discrete maintenance requirements easy. Because engineers can link and relate individual maintenance requirements with any information in Tina, including other maintenance requirements, maintenance records, parts and documents, they can immediately determine the change impact and associated costs and weigh them against the benefits of a proposed change. With Tina, maintenance engineers always make fact based maintenance program change decisions ensuring an optimum balance between CC130 flight safety, availability and maintenance costs."

AwareBase Tina's change management and workflow management features allow engineers to understand what the maintenance program looked like at any point in the past, what it is today and what it will be, or even may be, at any point in the future based on possible or pending changes. Tina also has answers to the 'who-what-where-when and why' questions as they relate to every change. This degree of traceability fully satisfies the stringent record keeping requirements of regulatory bodies and configuration managers alike.

AwareBase spent a great deal of time enriching and preparing legacy preventive maintenance data prior to Tina going live. Preventive maintenance requirements were disbursed across multiple paper based Canadian Forces Technical Orders (CFTOs) in addition to a custom application database. AwareBase brought all the data into a single master data set and numerous data anomalies immediately became apparent. AwareBase worked closely with Marshall Aerospace, responsible for CC130 fleet engineering, to fix all data issues.

Gentles expressed, "Tina's Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) features and functions coupled with quality data make it a potent solution in the hands of Marshall's talented engineers. The CC130 has been in operation for over 40 years and the fleet's preventive maintenance program has never been in such good shape!"

Some aspects of the CC130 Preventive Maintenance Program, such as the Equipment Codes and Inspection Requirements (ECIR), still need to be published in paper format. Tina streamlines the publication process and ensures data integrity through an export to SGML utility.

About AwareBase:
AwareBase customers manage large volumes of documents and electronic files, execute their work using project management best practices and typically operate in regulated environments that demand impeccable record keeping. AwareBase solutions allow its global customers to organize, manage, distribute, search, securely access and control their data and information yielding significant productivity improvements and absolute corporate knowledge retention.

AwareBase Tina is the perfect engineering project and document management software solution designed for engineers, by engineers. Tina is used by our engineering customers to manage product, project and asset data and information including: engineering document management as well as hierarchies such as Bill-Of-Material (BOM), Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) and Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC) information. Tina's global change management and workflow features ensure that everyone is always aware of where their data and information was, is, will be and may be.