Superior Lamp, Inc. Is Seriously Committed To Reducing Energy Consumption

April 12, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
MOUNT LAUREL NJ-April 12, 2011- Each day we are making conscious and unconscious decisions that greatly affect how much energy that we use and, therefore, how much energy is required to be produced. The cost has never been higher.

The effects of our energy consumption are all around us. Just take a look at any headline in the news today. Many are energy-driven. Each time a middle eastern country has a crisis our stock market shudders at the possibility that oil production may drop off by two or three percent. Every time a storm rises in the Gulf of Mexico, or a bill in Congress on deep water drilling comes up, the effects on our commerce or pollution are put into play.
Would we be so involved in two wars in Libya and Afghanistan if not for the protection and acquisition of oil to operate our cars and factories, thus draining our fortune and jeopardizing the lives of our most precious resource…that of our youth? Currently, we are all on the edges of our seats wondering if the tsunami-damaged nuclear reactors in Japan are going to do great damage to so many different systems that affect our health and commerce. The consumption of energy is the reason for this situation.

Superior Lamp, Inc. urges us to ask, what can we, the consumer, do daily to help at least reduce our consumption of all kinds of energy? The answer is hardly simple, but it starts with a commitment to use less energy. That is the only thing that we can control. Sure, we can write letters to our representatives, or take a proactive approach with our children by teaching them the importance of using less energy. What we can also do is be aware of the products that we purchase, the thermostats that we control, and the lights that we leave burning, all of which can have a dramatic collective effect on our total consumption.

Superior Lamp, Inc. has always been a leader in the commitment to offering energy-efficient lighting products. Superior Lamp, Inc. customers have reduced their energy consumption by using its products. Superior Lamp, Inc. asks, isn't it time for you to make a stronger commitment to energy preservation?

Superior Lamp, Inc. was established in 1977 and strives to lead the way in "green" lighting products by making all of its products Enviro-Safe®. Superior Lamp's emphasis on quality has made them the #1 supplier of HEAVY DUTY™ industrial lighting in the USA. All Superior Lamp products are designed to be environmentally friendly, last a long time, and save money on electric bills and cut down maintenance costs. All products feature advanced technologies, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly components.

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