Small Midwest Business Fights This Recession By Sharing Wellness Online

April 14, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Rapid City South Dakota April 14, 2011- When the going gets tough, the tough get going it has been said. Kinstle and Sons Services is a small business based in Rapid City South Dakota. As of April 2011 have took their Nopalea wellness business to new heights. Midwest business owners Ken and Gina Kinstle are fighting the recession by sharing their companies products online. These tech savvy business owners are sharing health and wellness supplements with the world, through social media and the world wide web. Independent TriVita Business Owner Ken Kinstle says "Helping people to regain and maintain their health through natural products makes this endeavor the most important one we have ever undertook. We believe in and connect with the corporate vision and mission of TriVita which is to share wellness with the world."

Kinstle and Sons Services have been sharing TriVita Products with people since 2008. To maximize their efforts, help more people and increase their bottom line they have turned to the internet. This year the small company has released two new websites on Nopalea and Nopal Cactus Juice TriVita's flagship products. Independent business owner Gina Kinstle says "The amazing thing about sharing TriVita's products is that they work and really help people!" The company also uses many social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace to meet more people that need the products or may be interested in the business.

Independent TriVita Business owner Ken Kinstle says" The doctor formulated ingredients in Nopalea make this product perform and gives our customers dramatic results, when my customers feel the difference themselves they want more of our products." "Anyone that is interested in becoming healthier and having an overall higher sense of wellness should look into Nopalea the Nopal Cactus drink. It is a key product in TriVita's line that can greatly improve your physical well being. Many people may not know exactly what Nopalea is, or even what it is made of. Nopalea is composed of many different fruit juices and extracts including cranberry, pomegranate, pineapple, raspberry, papaya, mango, grape, strawberry, kiwi and lemon. The Betalains from the Nopal Cactus fruit are what makes this product so effective." "Chronic inflammation can become dangerous and the long term results are NOT healthy for our bodies. This chronic inflammation has been linked to many debilitating illnesses and maladies. Long term chronic inflammation has been linked to chronic pain, strokes, Alzheimer's disease, heart attacks and other major health concerns.
When inflammation is your problem… Nopalea may be your solution!"

This company has had good success in using the internet and social media to fight this recession. Using the internet has allowed them to reach more people with their message of wellness and all natural products. Ken Kinstle is quoted as saying "In this economy people are more concerned with rising health care costs and want to take better care of themselves. Just makes good sense and we want to help as many people as we can reach their goals."

To find out more about Kinstle and Sons Services Nopalea juice and other great natural products to improve your health visit their site at

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