Urochem Provides Superior Properties and Stable Pricing Curves

April 15, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Carbonate, Italy- Out-of-control oil prices are wreaking havoc with polymer pricing, but urea-based thermoset molding compounds, offering a more stable pricing history and equivalent, if not superior, characteristics, are a viable substitute for a wide variety of high priced engineered resins.

"Side by side, Urochem's electrical, chemical and surface strength properties outstrip those of engineered resins like nylon, polycarbonate and ABS," said Paolo Zia, sales director of thermoset manufacturer Chemiplastica. "It provides unparalleled heat resistance, arc quenching; and with today's environmentally conscious mindset, Urochem has the added benefit of having the lowest carbon foot print when directly compared to the various thermoplastics".

Chemiplastica's Urochem is produced from urea resin and highly refined alpha-cellulose. The safety, design and functional features of this thermoset molding compound include:

- Nonflammable
- Superior RTI
- Dimensional stability
- UV stability, color retention
- Chemical resistance
- Excellent dielectric properties and tracking resistance

Manufacturers serving a wide range of markets can use Urochem to create products with attractive tactile feeling and lustrous appearance that, at the same time, are highly resistant to detergents, oils and greases.

"In the European and emerging markets of Asia, Urochem has been exhibiting steady growth in the sanitary market for the past several years" Zia said. "And now, we are seeing signs of resurgence in the electrical device market in Europe and USA. Engineers are finding that our Urochem can be a solution to a growing number of design and functional challenges and at the same type offer substantial cost savings. "

With manufacturing locations around the globe, Chemiplastica is a leading manufacturer of urea-, melamine- and phenolic-based thermoset molding compounds. To learn more about Urochem, visit the company's website at www.chemiplastica.com.