Chemiplastica Offers Alternatives to Melamine-Phenolic special colors

April 21, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Florence, MA Thermoset leader, Chemiplastica, is ready to fill the gap for thermoset molders facing the phase-out of melamine-phenolic colors by traditional suppliers.

"Manufacturers need the reassurance of knowing that alternative supplies of melamine based molding compounds are available," said Scott Chisholm, USA manufacturing plant site manager for Chemiplastica.

"Our Melochem molding compound is an alpha-cellulose filled melamine resin that can be manufactured in a wide range of colors" he said. "If the volumes are justified, we can provide custom color capabilities in an unlimited spectrum and we also carry a number of standard colors as stock items. Additionally, we are currently in the feasibility study stage of evaluating production of smaller custom colored lots on a special line. If there is enough market support, we believe the project will go through."

Melochem offers similar properties as the discontinued melamine-phenolic molding compounds, said Eliot Essagof, Chemiplastica's USA sales representative. He also added that in addition to Melochem, Chemiplastica also manufactures Urochem, a urea resin based molding compound that could also be evaluated as a melamine-phenolic substitute for certain applications.

Essagof also cited a number of advantages offered by Chemiplastica thermosets over traditional thermoplastics, including:

* Superior surface hardness, heat and chemical resistance
* Electrical properties
* Environmentally friendly raw material components
* Excellent scratch resistance
* Cost

Applications for Melochem include food-contact products, medical and dental related products, wiring devices and electrical push buttons, control knobs and toggles, Essagof said.

Chemiplastica is a manufacturer and marketer of thermoset molding compounds, with production facilities around the globe. Visit the company website at for more information on Melochem melamine molding compound.