DEPEND® Offers Downloadable Guide for the Carers of Incontinence Sufferers

April 20, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
'Continence: A Guide for Carers' has been released by DEPEND® a leading incontinence products brand owned by Kimberley-Clark Australia. The guide has been created for people who care for someone with bladder and / or bowel weakness.

The guide includes tips for managing incontinence with advice on diet, exercise, available solutions and where to find more information.

Sargeena Tom, Assistant Brand Manager for DEPEND®, spoke about the motivation in creating such a guide: "We realised there are a lot of carers out there who are doing an amazing job under tough circumstances. Often carers are not trained and fall into this role through necessity. Giving them assistance and information is one way we can help. Carers can be from all walks of life and many have to manage a full-time job and other household responsibilities as well as caring for someone in need."

There are several types of incontinence with one of the most common being urge incontinence. While some types of incontinence are a product of aging, the problem can also be caused by Multiple Sclerosis, kidney problems, cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Incontinence is a widespread medical condition in Australia; it's estimated that 4 million Australians experience some form of bladder problems with 25% of women over 40 feeling its' effects.

Ms Tom further explained "starting to care for a family member or friend who suffers from incontinence is often a big learning curve for someone. Our research indicated that there is little accessible information on this topic so we have compiled this 20 page guide to help people through this difficult stage of life."

The guide is available for free download from the Depend website: